Food & drinks


WE know how important food is to create the perfect atmosphere for creative work, inspiring meetings and relaxations during a conference. Apart from coffee, fresh fruit and pastries we also offer popcorn and ice cream – ppular and energy boosting snacks which guarantees everyones spirits will be high.
All meals during your conference is booked through our bking department.

Snacks and coffee breaks
It’s during the breaks new ideas are born. We sure of that and therefore you have several different alternatives to choose from depending how many you are during your meeting.

Our restaurant Verandan serves food made from local products and offers Skellefteås most popular lunch buffet. To be able to have lunch nearby makes meetings and conferences more effective, which is also why it’s great to have lots to choose from. We offer both lunch buffet and business lunches.


You’ll have dinner at Restaurant Verandan which is Skellefteås most complete with a view over the Skellefteå river.
If you wish to continue your meeting or require more privacy we offer both a loung and festvåningen.