Meeting & Events


What are your parking availabilites?
We offer parking in our garage for hotel guests. The price is 95 SEK/night
The parking spaces can not be booked in advance .
There are several other parking alternatives close to the hotel. These have a fee 9-18 on weekdays, 9-15 Saturdays and free on Sundays.

Do you rent your meeting rooms by the hour?
Our meeting rooms are booked either for a half day or a full day.
Full day: 08.00 – 17.00
Half day, before noon: 08:00 – 12.00
Half day, after noon: 13.00 – 17.00 

Is technical equipment included in the meeting room price?
Our technical equipment is adapted to each meeting room so all of them don’t have the same equipment. Feel free to let us know your needs when you book so we can accommodate you.  

Do our participants have to register for the meeting?
If the participants should register for the meeting is up to the one arranging it, though it is far easier to make an estimation of how many will participate as well as be aware of possible allergies.