Food & Events


Do we havet o make a reservation for lunch?
If you’re more than 10 people in your group we recommend that you make a reservation to ensure that you’ll be seated together-

How long will you hold our table?
If we are fully booked we’ll hold your table for 15 minutes before giving it to the next person in line. This is why it is important that you contact us if you’re going to be late or if your group reduces in size.

Do you have a specian childrens menu?
We always have child friendly meals on our menues. Contact us if you have any other requests.

We have people with allergies in our group, can you fix an alternative to suite us all?
Notify which allergies etc we need to be mindful of when you make your reservation  and we’ll make sure to come up with a tasty alternative to suit everybody.

To we need to book our meal in advance?
As we want to give you the best service and quality possible we do recommend that you book you meal if your group is over 15 people. We’re more than happy to help you chose your menu and give you beverage suggestions for your group.  

We’d like a table by the window, can you guarantee this?
We always do our best to accommodate your wishes but we can’t guarantee where in the restaurant you’ll be placed. Notify us of your wishes and we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate you.  

We have a reservation and would like to sit together with another group, is this possible to arrange?
We place tables group by group during our events. If you’d like to add on to your group please contact our booking department at the latest 3 days before the event date.